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Keywords: wet precipitator | flue gas tempering process | flue gas heating and heating process

Application of SNCR denitrification system in boiler denitrification

Issuing time:2019-04-03 15:12

Industrial steam and hot water, as the supply of industrial steam, are necessary consumables for industrial development and social life. In the application of industrial boilers, industrial boilers and power boilers which mainly burn coal will produce a lot of nitrogen oxides, which will cause serious pollution to the air. Therefore, the boiler needs to use SNCR denitrification system for denitrification has become a problem that can not be ignored.

In boiler denitration technology, SNCR denitration system technology has become the first choice for many small and medium-sized boilers. SNCR denitrification system is a selective non-catalytic reduction denitrification technology, which is second only to SCR in China. Compared with SCR denitrification technology, SNCR denitrification technology does not require the use of catalysts. In addition to ammonia, urea can also be used as a reaction reducer. It has the characteristics of low investment, low cost and low operation cost. However, the larger the boiler, the lower the denitration. Therefore, SNCR technology is more suitable for small and medium-sized boilers. SNCR denitrification system technology selectively reacts reducing agents such as NH3 and urea into the boiler to react with NOx without using catalyst. Therefore, reducing agent must be added in the high temperature area. Reductant from 850 to 1100 ℃ temperature spray charging, quickly into NH 3, with NO reaction to form N 2 x and moisture in the flue gas. The technology USES a furnace as a reactor. The denitrification efficiency of SNCR flue gas denitrification technology is generally 30% ~ 80%, which is greatly affected by the size of boiler structure. With SNCR, the current trend is to use urea instead of ammonia as a reducing agent. Within the range of 850 to 1100 ℃, NH3 or urea reduction of NOx is the main reaction: NH3 is reducing agent 4 NH3 4 no O2-4 n2 6 H2O urea is reductant CO (NH2) 2 1/2 O2 - more than 2 n2, CO2 H2O is about SNCR denitration system application in boiler denitration related Jane said, the company is committed to environmental protection technology research and development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection project construction of high-tech enterprises. For many customers to provide environmental protection engineering investment, technical research, consulting, design, equipment supply, general contracting construction, operation management and other services. If you need to buy products, welcome to inquire.

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